Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Precious moments

I guess that when you get older, you learn to appreciate little moments that you might never have again. I think I had one of those moments today.

Sharon fell and broke her foot...technically her toe, but the bone is actually in her foot. I have been trying to cut down on her walking, much to her very vocal disagreement, so she can heal. I have really enjoyed the little things....very little, that I have been able to pitch in and do. Today, I told Sharon that I would walk into the school to pick up Lil' Lisie and Sharon could wait in the car. She, of course, disagreed. She countered with Elise is a funny child, she may have a fit if it is not Nanna that picks her up. She said she didn't think Petie had told Elise that Poppa, not Nanna, would get her today. I told her that she would be in the car, 15 yards away, if the situation got out of hand. I know that Lisie would prefer Sharon to me, but come on, she knows who I am. This went back and forth for about thirty minutes, but I wore her down and she agreed.

We pulled up to the school and parked, about 15 yard to 20 yards from Lisie's classroom. I got out and went into the school. Amazingly, I was able to successfully check out Lisie on the computer....I had checked her in the day before. I had repeated instructions from Sharon how to accomplish this very difficult three step procedure. Successful completion of step one, enter her number code, now on to step two. Enter the password, step 2 completed, I clicked "finish" and I was through. I went to the door of the classroom and looked through the window to make sure I had the right classroom. Lil' Lisie saw me through the window in the door and then, with the biggest smile, pointed at me and told her teacher, "that's my Poppa". The teacher smiled at me through the window before I went in. She knew me from the day before when I had dropped Lil' Lisie off in the same classroom and released her to the same teacher. Lil' Lisie excitedly wanted her backpack, which I retrieved from the same shelf I had put it in the day before. She then proceeded to put in ten, counted them off, leaves into her backpack relaying the story behind her precious cache. I noticed three boys still seated at a table toward the back of the room and heard one of them say, "that's her grandpa".

We walked hand in hand to the car where we greeted a relieved Nanna that I had accomplished this very difficult task. I wouldn't have traded that smile and "That's my Poppa" greeting for the world.

These are the precious moments you learn to appreciate. They may never happen again.

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