Friday, September 15, 2006


Coming out of the fog!

Well, I survived the latest surgery. I don't understand how women just sail right through these things.

I sure helps having a precious granddaughter in the recovery process. We had Joelle over on Wednesday. I was still in the immediate process of recovering from the trauma of the surgery. I had taken a pain pill and was in a light slumber during the afternoon. I was slightly aware of Joelle coming into the room to check on me and heard Joelle and Nana in the front of the house doing an art project. When I fully awoke, I had an art project on my bed from Joelle, She had made me a get well card.

The Card was an 8 x 11 sheet of stiff colored paper with cut out objects glued to the main sheet. The main title was "poppy's surgery", the next line was "Get Well". The next line read "Love: Dear Joelle" with a heart drawn after her name. Then each object glued to the card was labeled. The round sharped object was labeled "Blood". The big square was labeled "Obow" and the smaller square was labeled "other Knee". The triangle was labeled "hose"...I have to wear white surgerical hose for a month to help prevent blood clots. Then there was a big rectrangle labeled "bottom". Sharon lettered the card, but the words were, verbetum, Joelle's.

Granddaughters are the best medicine.

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