Thursday, December 10, 2009


Wish upon a star!

Today is December 10, 2009. I picked up Elise from tumbling and as I put her in the car I noticed an eyelash on her cheek. Not knowing if she had ever made an eyelash wish, I decided to give it a go; I told her I had her eyelash between my fingers and if she made a wish and chose the correct finger her wish would come true. I held my fingers before her and said, "which one my thumb or my finger", she pointed to the finger and that is exactly where the lash was. Then I said, "what did you wish for". She thought long and hard and then with a big smile she said, "a train". The remarkable thing to me is that is what she asked for from Santa or at least from her Mom for Christmas. (Chris and Petie this is for later use. I mean, brilliant #2, she must really want a train asking and wishing.) Love Nana

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