Friday, February 23, 2007


Keep them in their place!

I love Wednesdays. As I have stated before, Sharon picks up Joelle after school, stops by McDonalds for a happy meal, drives to our house where I have already tuned in to Blues Clues. Another classic took place Wednesday, two weeks ago.

Joelle was eating her happy meal while watching Blues Clues. I was sitting in my chair watching the TV with her. Sharon was in the kitchen getting something to eat, when she yelled out a very loud "Oh no, shoot"! First, I guess I should say the Sharon and Petie both have the same habit. They will scream very loudly and you rush in expecting to see blood rushing from a gash inflicted by a knife, scissor or some other dangerous implement; requiring a rapid trip to the emergency room. However, when you get to them, they have either dropped a piece some milk on the floor or something else not worth even a sigh, let alone a blood curdling scream. Any way, Joelle rushed into the kitchen, asking "what happened"? Sharon explained she had spilled some garlic butter on the floor. She went on to explain that I had put the butter, left over from pizza, in the fridge and she had meant to throw it away earlier. Joelle ran back into the living room where I was sitting, Blues Clues still on the TV. Moose A Moose is my favorite. She stopped, glared at me, hands on hips, and said "it’s your fault Poppy"!

Joelle has already learned that she has to help Nana keep me in line.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Rock On Chicks!

Totally awesome that the Dixie Chicks sweep the grammys. I only caught the last award, but I would have loved to see the look on Toby Keith's face. Maybe this country is finally waking up to recognize the courage they exhibited to speak their convictions. We could have used that conviction from some of our elected officials in 2002.

Silly me…I just read the above paragraph. The rhetoric is already starting about Iran as if we learned nothing from Iraq. Robert Fisk, my favorite journalist, said journalism is dead in America and I think he is right. Journalism in this country consists of writers printing what government officials want printed. Our war correspondents are all embedded with the troops. What do you think their perspective will be when they write their article? Do you think it might just be what the Pentagon wants printed? Bozo’s administration and the pentagon has zero credibility, yet their policies keep ending up in print or on TV as if we should now believe it.

The Dixie chicks showed courage that I didn’t have in 2002. I did not believe that Iraq possessed the WMD that Bozo said they had; I have a witness to that fact. I was convinced that I was right after I watched Collin Powell’s dog and pony show in the UN before the rest of the world. A vile of powered sugar and an artist rendition of what Iraq’s mobile labs might look like! That was all he had. I did nothing except get mad and changed from a life long Republican to a Democrat. That showed no courage.

I know this is not the venue to express political views, but I couldn’t help myself after watching the Sunday morning talk shows. I get very irritated when I hear some right wing nut job talk about how the Muslims need to learn to love their children as much as we do. My favorite Robert Fisk line is that people in the Middle East would love to have some freedom, and the freedom they want the most is freedom from us.

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