Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sound Logic

I don't understand the reasoning of some people. My old college roommate has retired to Las Vegas. He moved there about ten years ago. Now he wants the city to install policies to discourage any more people from moving to the area because of the looming water shortage. He uses almost 100 times the water Sharon and I use every month except during January and February. His bill is only 10 times what I pay. I don't know about the logic of now that I have mine, nobody else can have any. He wants to keep his access to abundant, cheap water.

Same thing about this Iraq war. He is more angry about the war then I am. He is really spitting bullets and has been irate since the spring of 2004, but voted for Bozo. In 2006 he voted for Ensign rather than the democrat Carter for the Nevada senate seat. Isn't that a sign of mental illness? Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Just wait until his Republican friend pass laws deregulating public water systems. I am not enjoying the deregulation of Houston's electrical supply near as much as the companies supplying the electricity are.



Got my cell phone bill a couple of days ago and wanted to pay it right away before I forgot about it. I used to go on line to pay the bill by charging it to my credit card. That changed a couple of months ago. Sprint put in a new web computer system. I believe it to be more secure that the Department of Defense's computer system. I have not been successful in logging on yet. I would try to sign on but always received the a message saying I didn't know what I was doing. Then I took the path to create a new user name/password. Sprint would send me a text message to my cell with my temporary user name/password. They never worked. Got charged for the text messages, my bill that month had a text message charge and I don't do that, so I assume it was for them texting me.

I noticed the bill carried to reference to free cell phone help. *2 for Customer Service and *3 to pay your bill. I eagerly typed in *3, pressed TALK and waited. I got that sound. The sound your never want to get when you dial and the voice message "You have dialed an invalid number, please try again". I did. Same results. Three times. Same results. So I dialed *2 and went through all the trees to get to the option, PAY YOUR BILL. Then the voice message came, "we have put in a new system for bill payment. Please hang up and dial *3". I guess I will have to continue to go to the nearest Sprint store to pay my cell phone bill. I refuse to mail a check in this day and age. Petie and Chris have convinced me that is not the way to go.

I know that I am older than the hills, but this is typical customer service now. I will not ever use ATT again for anything if I have any other choice because of the cell phone and satellite TV customer service I received from them. It didn't use to be that way. I was responsible for all the gas transmission computer systems when I worked for Transco. If I have installed those types of crap systems, I would have been fired, and I should have been fired. I believe some heads should roll when these companies subject their customers to this outrage, I'll bet I cannot cancel my contract with Sprint due these problems. So how can they cancel their customers contracts for using custer service too much? I think I know why the had to contact customer servise so many times. To get a workable solution.

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