Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dog Days

It's the middle of August and summer is over. Back in my day, summer wasn't over until Labor more. Joey's summer employment is over because he is getting ready for his last fall semester. Joelle has some art class left before her fall semester starts. I will not be a part of that team because it involves going inside the loop. It's scary enough crossing beltway 8.

I am not ready for summer to was a great summer. Summer started on June 9Th with a great family vacation in Wimberley. We had good rain before June 9Th, so the river was up. I really enjoyed tubing again. This was the first time in 4 years you really tube on the Blanco. Of course, it has rained a lot since, and the river has stayed high all summer. As a matter of fact, the Blanco has been higher than the June 15Th level until now. Up until the past week, it has also been a cool summer because of all the rain. Another of the summer highlights has been the weekly library trip with Joelle. She will never be this age again.

Joelle has changed so much this summer. She now reads, she now plays games and she has been nothing but a blessing. Joelle is a beautiful child, but I pity the person that tries to put a dumb blond label on her. I guarantee you, there is lot going on behind those big blue eyes. You can just see the cogs spinning when you are with her and she has more energy than atomic fission. She also now sings. I enjoyed her singing Amazing Grace on our last library trip. It's hard to believe that in 4 short years, it will be lisie changing this much over a short 3 month span. You need to enjoy every minute of their childhood, because it's over before you know it. I look at Lisie and think, that was Joelle yesterday.

I also found out this summer I was going to have my third grandchild. I regret that I will not see these changes in him because of the distance problem. That's one of the problems with today's society. Everyone is too mobile. The family unit used to stay close together. That changed during my lifetime, actually during my childhood. It was really great having all those aunts and uncles, as well as grandparents so close together. That also changed when I was ten. I missed all those relatives being so close.

Those days are gone forever and so is the summer of 2007. As Petie knows, I am a little sad,

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