Friday, February 12, 2010


Of anvils and coke bottles

I am sure you have heard the old joke about locking a person in a room with an anvil and a coke bottle. When the door was unlocked, the coke bottle was fine but the anvil was torn to bits. That person was me today.

Joelle's school was having a day where the children brought a loved one to their school to show them around. Petie had to look after Lil' Lisie, Chris had to work and Sharon could not get up and function at 7:30 in the morning. So Joelle called in the "B" team. I was going to get to go with her. Got a haircut, shaved put on some decent pants and was at Petie's house at 7:10. We got to the school at about 7:30 and Joelle showed me around her room. I was really impressed with the neat set up with three student desk set arrangement and a reading room.Then Joelle took me to the cafeteria. I thought she wanted a muffin and a cup of water so I got a cup of coffee. Turns out she didn't want a muffin and neither did I so I was stuck with the cup of coffee and we left to go back to her room. The cafeteria exit door was a heavy steel door with the wind blowing against it. Two boys were there first and were having a hard time opening the door I had a Valentine card Joelle had drawn for her Mother and Daddy, my cane, and the cup of coffee in my right hand and I leaned over to open the door with my left hand. Bad choice. I spilled some coffee on my hand and one of the boys. Luckily the coffee was hot, but not scalding. Joelle told me I spilled coffee on him. I was mortified. I had some napkins so I dabbed it off as quickly as possible.

When we got back to the room, Joelle told me I should go, it was time for school to start. I messed up my big chance. There is no room on the "A" team for bumbling old fool. I tore the heck out of that anvil.

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