Sunday, August 09, 2009


It could always be worse!

I was talking to my old friend tonight and we somehow wandered back to our college days at Texas. He was talking about how bad a student he was and how he just barely graduated with a 1.01 on a 3 point system. He was talking about how he had bombed a couple of courses and it made me think about the most extreme insult I have ever heard of from a professor on an exam.

I believe the course was Biology...not a course you would normally take to improve your grade point average. I was going for a beer with this person who was a little upset. I didn't ask her why, but then she showed me her graded exam. The grade was a 7. How do you come up with a 7 out of a possible 100? I do not know how the professor arrived at that grade, but she showed me some of his comments on her answers. Words like "ridiculous" and "is this even relevant to the question". Every answer had some comment like the ones I remember. Needless to say she failed the course. The professor must have been making some kind of statement. I know that I got my share of "F's" in my second semester of my freshman year. That was because I did not go to class after the first week. I also got a "F" which is anything below a 60. I never received a numerical grade in single digits. That fact makes you wonder why.

I think everyone show be aware of this story. No matter how badly you do in any course, just remember the girl that received a 7 on a quiz. I guess it could have been worse, she could have been graded with a 5 or 6. I don't know if this made my friend feel better about his college career, but it could have been worse. I also wonder how he came so close to not even graduating, he was never on ScoPro like I was after my freshman year. If he had not made two "B's" and a "C" in his last semester...he just took 9 hours, he could not have graduated. I guess the early shock of being on ScoPro made an impact on me.

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