Sunday, February 22, 2009


Lisie knows!

I came back from the MACAC today and Joelle was watching TV. I realized that we were out of cashew nuts that I try and keep for Joelle and Lisie. My latest disease has stopped my daily, almost, trips to the grocery store. I started thinking about Lisie's last couple of trips.

The first was a couple of weeks ago when I had plenty of cashews on hand. When I heard her coming to the front door I went to get her some cashews and gave them to her in a small cup. She polished those off and stated she wanted "more". I was happy to give them to her. She noticed that the mother lode was not in her cup, but rather in the can that was on the kitchen counter. When Petie was ready to go, and getting Lisie ready to go, Lisie ran into the kitchen and came back to get her shoes on, clutching the can of cashews tightly to her chest. She was taking them home.

This week, I was out of nuts, again, because I have not been to the store. Sharon put some Teddy Grahams in a small cup for Lisie's snack. This is after I made Lisie mad when I said no when I saw her put something in her mouth. Turned out it was an old cashew that was on the window next to Sharon's Chair. I am not sure she has forgiven me yet. After Sharon put Lisie's shoes on to go home, she again ran into the kitchen and came back with the box of Teddy Grahams. Both times there were still a few in her snack cup, but she knows where the mother lode is and she is claiming it as her prize.

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