Friday, January 09, 2009


They do hear you!

The "experts" say that you need to be careful what you say around children. They are right. When you are talking and they are playing, it appears that children are locked into their world and not really paying attention to the muffled conversations going on in the room. They do hear everything and are paying attention.

As most folks know, Petie and Chris have a remodeling project going on that has tried their patience and sanity. The various people coming in, carpenters, tile setters, plumbers, electricians and painters come and go and have had their house torn up for a couple of months. These "workers" come and go on a daily basis, but not everyday. I have heard Petie talk about which "workers" were there today and which "workers" would be there tomorrow, if they were lucky. I imagine that this has also been a frequent topic of conversation between Petie and Chris every evening during their routine of dinner and bedtime for the girls.

I dropped by yesterday to check on the progress and see my granddaughters. A couple of painters were painting the new shelves located near the doorway separating the den from the hall that leads to the bedrooms and the playroom. Lil’ Lisie was supposed to be taking her afternoon nap but was fretting. Probably because of the noise in the den. Finally Petie said it was OK for Sharon to go in and let her get up. So, Lisie comes into the den and I receive my usual greeting. When she sees me for the first time, she silently looks at me, gives me a big smile and points her finger at me. Kinda like her way of saying, "I see you, glad you’re here". I am not high enough on the pecking order to receive her best greeting. Lisie’s best greeting is loudly saying your name while running full speed toward you to give you a big hug. Truthfully, I have not earned that high degree of respect from her.

She then used her hand trick on Sharon and led he off to the toy room. Lisie’s hand trick is to reach out and get you to hold her little hand. Then she leads you off to do what she wants you to do. Nobody can resist the hand trick. How could you possibly refuse that little hand and that big smile? I believe that Petie has previously bogged about the hand trick. Anyway, as she led Sharon off to the toy room, they had to pass by the two painters working near the hall door. Lisie uttered something as she approached the painters before she and Sharon disappeared into the hall. Lisie has to check the entire house every 10 minutes or so to keep track of everyone. She came back to make sure Petie and I were still at out stations and to bring me a toy to play with, I heard her again utter something as she approach the painters. This time I was sure she said "watch out workies" as she approached the painters. Sure enough, every time she left the room or came back into the room, she said "watch out workies" as she approached the painters.

Children do hear everything you say.

I'm glad it's just "watch out workies!" and not something more damning. ;)
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