Thursday, July 10, 2008



I guess most folks know that I love trains. My dream, since childhood, was to have a really nice model train layout. That dream will never happen. I used to have a lot of model train magazines with pictures of layouts from various hobby enthusiasts. I remember one that modeled a yard from the late 1880's. The name of the town in the layout was bruisednbleedin. I was reminded of that name today.

Sharon and I took Joelle for her usual Wednesday dinner at Lubys. When we got to Petie's and Chris's house, Petie and Lil' Lisie were outside to greet us. I open the gate to give Lisie a kiss and a hug when I gasped. Lisie looked like she had been in a fight with Leroy Brown. She had cuts and bruises all over, and I mean all over. Her face, arms and legs had cuts and bruises everywhere...hence bruisednbleedin. When we went inside it was clear why she had all this injuries. She was everywhere and everywhere fast. She narrowly missed running into the door, furniture and anything that wasn't padded. Petie said in one of her blogs that Lisie had no sense of proportions. That means a two inch step is the same as a 3 foot step to her. I hope she understands the difference soon.

I finally told Sharon we had to leave in hopes that Lisie would slow down a little. Lisie was blowing us kisses as we were leaving. I remember Chris and I laughing that in high school, Lisie would be the girl on the back of a motorcycle without a helment. I hope not. It is amazing how two girls with the same gene pool can be so different.

I have an adult friend who lost her depth-perception. I know how difficult it is for her to navigate, so I can relate. Don't give up on your model railroad layout dream. Many people today who lack space build small layouts on a door. Here is one of the best ones I've seen:

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