Sunday, May 11, 2008


Pete's Tattoo Parlor and Storm Door Company

A neighbor 4 doors east of us has had signs in their yard for more than a week. The first sign appeared by their mailbox almost two weeks ago. It was hard to read driving by because it was yellow printing on a red background. However, they soon had two additional signs in their yard that clearly read "Massage Therapy, Call Tony (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I was discussing this with another neighbor, who like myself, has had more that his share of letters from the community association deed restrictions committee. His letters, like mine, had been for the most trivial things. A couple of weeds growing in our driveway, a tree branch hanging, in their opinion, too low, mailbox had some rust spots......etc.

I told Dan that when my yard swing broke, I had a letter in three days telling me to fix the swing or face legal proceedings. We looked up the street and saw the signs were still all over his yard. This was a clear violation on two counts. No yard signs except political signs, not more than 30 days before an election and not more than 1 day after an election. The second was you cannot run a business from your residence.

I had an idea. I was going to make me a yard sign at the risk of getting a deed restriction letter the next day. This morning I made a sign. "Tattoos and Storm Doors, Call Pete, (281) Tatoos". The phone number does not have enough digits so I would not be bothering anyone.

Sure enough, the "Massage Therapy" signs were down this afternoon. I just took my sign down. Pete's Tattoo Parlor and Storm Door Company is now closed.

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