Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Got my cell phone bill a couple of days ago and wanted to pay it right away before I forgot about it. I used to go on line to pay the bill by charging it to my credit card. That changed a couple of months ago. Sprint put in a new web computer system. I believe it to be more secure that the Department of Defense's computer system. I have not been successful in logging on yet. I would try to sign on but always received the a message saying I didn't know what I was doing. Then I took the path to create a new user name/password. Sprint would send me a text message to my cell with my temporary user name/password. They never worked. Got charged for the text messages, my bill that month had a text message charge and I don't do that, so I assume it was for them texting me.

I noticed the bill carried to reference to free cell phone help. *2 for Customer Service and *3 to pay your bill. I eagerly typed in *3, pressed TALK and waited. I got that sound. The sound your never want to get when you dial and the voice message "You have dialed an invalid number, please try again". I did. Same results. Three times. Same results. So I dialed *2 and went through all the trees to get to the option, PAY YOUR BILL. Then the voice message came, "we have put in a new system for bill payment. Please hang up and dial *3". I guess I will have to continue to go to the nearest Sprint store to pay my cell phone bill. I refuse to mail a check in this day and age. Petie and Chris have convinced me that is not the way to go.

I know that I am older than the hills, but this is typical customer service now. I will not ever use ATT again for anything if I have any other choice because of the cell phone and satellite TV customer service I received from them. It didn't use to be that way. I was responsible for all the gas transmission computer systems when I worked for Transco. If I have installed those types of crap systems, I would have been fired, and I should have been fired. I believe some heads should roll when these companies subject their customers to this outrage, I'll bet I cannot cancel my contract with Sprint due these problems. So how can they cancel their customers contracts for using custer service too much? I think I know why the had to contact customer servise so many times. To get a workable solution.

You COULD try this:

Supposedly you can get out of your contract by stating that the recent Sprint increase in roaming charges is "materially adverse" allowing you out. Based on this:

it sounds like it will take some patience with call center reps but is possible.
well, I still want to keep Sprint. My experience with AT&T and Verizon was worse than this.
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