Friday, June 01, 2007


Day at the library

I am glad to be included as part of the team Petie has put together to keep Joelle busy this summer. I got to take her to the library today. I hope this is my task for the summer. Petie said it was a library party but didn’t elaborate. Joelle and I arrived at the library and went in, not really knowing what to expect. I thought we were supposed to read so we started looking for books.

I noticed a little girl looking at Joelle as we searched for a book to Joelle’s liking. I couldn’t help but notice that the girl, who was probably seven or eight, was dressed like a teenager. She had designer type flared bottom jeans, a stylish top, dangling ear rings, hair styled like a teenager, carried a purse and had orange tinted sun glasses perched in her hair. The girl kept looking a Joelle when she thought I wouldn’t notice. I was thinking, "yes, she is pettier than you".

I finally determined that the "party" was in a side room in the library. It turned out to be rather nice. First, the children got cookies, goldfish crackers, chips and punch. A magician then performed a pretty good routine. Next came face painting, balloon animals, pirate hats made from newspaper and fishing for stickers. The main actions were face painting and balloon animals made to order. Again, I noticed the chic girl was not really into the side shows. She was following some older boys around talking to them in whatever line they were in. What I really wanted to do was tell her mother that her little girl needed to be a little girl, childhood doesn’t last very long. Children need to enjoy those short, innocent years.

It was time to check out our books and go. I had three books Joelle picked out and Petie had a couple of books on hold which we picked up. Joelle said we need to pick up some books on what sounded like "attaway". I asked her to repeat what books she wanted and she used Sharon's tactic when speaking to someone who doesn't speak English. She repeated what she said, only louder. We went to information desk where I hoped the clerk could help me. Joelle repeated, loudly, her patience already worn thin. she wanted to find books about "attaway". Finally it hit me, she meant I_T_A_L_Y. Petie had mentioned she and Joelle were going to study Italy next week. The clerk took us to the Italy section and asked Joelle if I was her grandfather. She replied "yes, but I call him Poppy". That made it all worthwhile.

hehe, that made me laugh, "team to keep Joelle busy." Yes, you're definitely part of the team! I think it's funny also to read this and realize that I really didn't tell you much of anything about what you were doing. I'm so proud that you'd take such a leap of faith. :)
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