Thursday, January 11, 2007


Rainy days and wednesdays

Wednesday means that Sharon, Nana, picks up Joelle from school around noon. The trip to our house, where I will have the TV tuned in to "Blue’s Clues", includes a stop at Mickey D's for Joelle’s happy meal, chickey nuggets, apple slices, chocky milk and the treasure that comes with the meal. Yesterday was business as usual. Nana verbalized her order into McDonald's remote intercom and the voice asked, "boy or girl"? Nana replied girl; On to the pay window, then to the pickup window.

We have learned to check the contents of the package at McDonalds, not when we get home. Sharon checked the box. Chicken McNuggets, check; apple splices and not fries, check; special treasure, big "X". The treasure was for a BOY. Joelle was agitated. Nana said "no problem", we will go back through the dive thru and get the proper treasure. Back to the intercom, Nana tells the hidden person that she got a toy for a boy, not a girl. Joelle had run out of patience. With disgust in her voice, she yelled to the intercom, "My name is Joelle"!. Needless to say, the first thing I heard when they walked in was the heinous error of the people at McDonalds.

Hilarious! :)
I can imagine Joelle's frustration.
Good story. Good thing Joelle doesn't have a sexually ambiguous name, like Pat!
Although, she doesn't remember this, but our old doctor used to say, "Joel," when they were calling us back. That was my main reason for switching pediatricians. (kidding, we moved.)
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