Sunday, August 27, 2006


The last straw at lubys

Went to Luby's tonight for dinner. Nana, Joelle and I got there about 4:45 and were ready for Joelle to "pop" some broccoli. However, Luby's did not have any broccoli tonight. I do not ever remember Luby's NOT having broccoli. Since that is the only vegetable Joelle will eat, we were disappointed, to put it mildly. Then, when we got to the drink area, no chocolate milk. They did solve this problem when they found some in the back.

We haven't been happy with Luby's for some time. They were out of butter for three days a couple of weeks ago. When I asked the manager if Lubys was no longer going to provide butter, he acted as if I was an idiot for even asking. However, this has been their tactic when they are dropping a product.

Anyway, we sat down, unloaded our trays and got a straw from Jose for Joelle's chocolate milk. Thinking about the no Broccoli and almost no chocolate milk, Sharon said this could be the last straw. Joelle looked at her almost in tears and said, how will I be able to drink my chocolate milk. She had taken Nana's statement as the "last straw" literally. We explained to her that "last straw" was just a saying and did not mean that Lubys would no longer have drinking straws.

aw, poor chickie. I didn't know they didn't have broccili, seriously, what the heck? ...AND Nana got sick!
Outrageous! No broccoli!! Liked the last straw story. Very cute.
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