Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Every man a king!

Today was great! I do not exactly live in the fast lane, but as I think about the events of the day, I realize how very lucky I am. First, Sharon and I dropped off some old computer equipment at the city recycling barn on Westbelt. We were on the way downtown to do some business at the court house. No, I was not posting bond on some criminal charges. After we got home, I took the latest possum I trapped to the bayou, about 3 miles from my house, to release. I hope I haven't caught the same possum 4 different times. When I got back, Sharon told me we were going to have dinner with our girls, Petie and Joelle, because Chris was out of town. So I was going to have dinner with MY girls, Sharon, Petie and Joelle!

Sharon then left to go shopping and I got "old Smokey" out to mow the yard. As usual, I was dripping wet when I finish. I usually wait until the heat of the day before mowing the yard and today was no exception. It's more of a challenge that way. After a gallon of water, literally, and a cool bath, it was almost time for dinner. We went over to Pettie's house so we could drive together to Jason's Deli. Joelle loves booths with a view, so she got us one by the front windows. Then she exclaimed "there's a tiny dancer!". Sure enough, a mother with her daughter in dance attire was walking in. Joelle already loves her music and likes Elton John. I call her my tiny dancer when she's off to dance class with pink tights, a bun and a knit bun cover. She looks so precious. Joelle was in a very good mood at dinner. She was really smiling the entire time. When I tried to tease her about all the food she doesn't like, she gave it right back to me smiling. She usually gets mad at me and says "stop teasing Poppy".

How lucky am I! I live two miles from Petie, Joelle and Chris. I get to see my daughter and granddaughter 3 or 4 times a week. I feel sorry for the dads that don't have a daughter or grandfathers that don't have a granddaughter. Ol' Huey P. Long must have had the ones with daughters and granddaughters in mind when he got the idea for his slogan "every man a king" I left off "a chicken in every pot".

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