Saturday, June 10, 2006


What is going on?

I must admit that I am confused about what is going on in the conflict between Palestine and Israel. I keep reading that Mahmoud Abbas is calling for this and that and is making these demands and those demands. I thought Hamas was in control of the Palestinian government. Why is Abbas still in control? He is Fatah, not Hamas.

So much for Bush's democracy on the march and how people wanting to live in democracy and freedom have a friend in America. Apparently, that is only true if we approve of who is democratically elected. I am sure that the Sunni's feel very good about our position that all they have to do is to join the political process rather than pursuing a conformational approach. Look at how well that has worked for the Palestinians. Hamas had stopped their militant actions 16 months ago and, instead, joined the political process. Worked out well for them didn't it.

I also don't understand how Israel can legally withhold money they collected in taxes for the Palestinians. It isn't aid, it's the Palestinian's money. I guess that the surgeries of 2005 have left me with only a couple of brain cells left. I guess after August, I will only have one functioning brain cell.

You know that's not true! By even thinking about this at all, you're showing how many more brain cells you have then the avg American! (including me)
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