Monday, June 12, 2006


Life in the slow lane

Tonight was a little more normal after an eventful week. We all went to Luby's. I was hoping to see Joelle "popping broccoli" and eating luby fish. The troops were still showing signs of the weeks events.

Petie was feeling sick and had black eyed peas and two servings of mashed potatoes on her veggie plate. Chris had a veggie plate but Petie noticed he had a fancy mashed potato dish so he gave it to her. Nana got a veggie platter but got one of her veggies for me. Nana is in her 8th day of relentless coughing 24 hours a day. She refuses to go to the doctor saying they can't do anything for her. Don't understand how she knows this, but it's fruitless to argue. I just hope she is better by the time I have hip surgery or they will not let her in the hospital...maybe that's her plan. Joelle and I were the only two with an entree...I had broiled fish.

It was gratifying to see Joelle eat a good meal because of her recent throw up illness. She "popped broccoli" and we all clapped. After she was finished, she came around to me so she could show me her "tan line". She is really proud of it.

I was good to be back to normal; however, I guess we looked like a MASH unit to the other patrons. Petie had evening sickness, Nana couldn't talk and was coughing and then there was Ol' Peg Leg Pete.

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