Wednesday, June 14, 2006


In Joelle's dog house!

I usually wear the same thing everyday until Sharon grabs it to be washed. I have a favorite shirt I wear when it's hot, it's a thin, gray tee shirt. I found out that Joelle has a very sensitive nose, and would not sit in my lap when I had the shirt on even if it was freshly washed. Evidently, if something happens once, like the shirt having perspiration odor, that shirt is forever taboo. I had it on last week when Joelle was over, and even though it was freshly washed, she would not sit in my lap.

Today, I made sure that I put on a clean, not gray, shirt before she came over. Immediately, I asked her to smell the shirt. She smiled and said it smelled like coffee. I don't know how it smelled like coffee, or whether that was a good or bad smell to her, but no lap sitting again today. When it was time to go home, Joelle said she didn't want me to go with her and Nana. When I asked why, she told me I sang badly and too loud. I though she liked it when Nana and I sang along to Elton John's "Sad Songs". I know that I do not sing very well, but I thought Joelle liked it. I have a long way to go to get out of Joelle's dog house....speaking of pets.

She's got an independent streak going at the moment, daddy. She's growing up. She used to cuddle with me every morning in the bed, but she won't any more. sniff.
I wonder if Joelle could resist a pink Hello Kitty t-shirt showered in a strawberry bubble gum scent...
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