Monday, June 05, 2006


Great joke, I thought

Saw a great stand up joke routine. I'll try to put it into words only.

The Guy was on stage talking about Sadam using chemical weapons on the Kurds. He then stated, you know where he got those chemical weapons don't you. Of course, everyone knew that we sold Sadam the chemical weapons. Then, He said we were selling weapons and intelligence to Iraq and Iran during their conflict. He said, I wonder how that worked?. He went into a his joke routine.

He took a couple of steps to his left and said. "here is a gun, put it in your pocket". Meaning we were selling weapons to Iraq. He then turned to his right and took about 4 steps and said, "he has gun in his pocket". Then he turn again to his left a took four steps in that direction and said "he knows about the gun".

Imagine a Homer whisper and it gets funnier.
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