Saturday, May 20, 2006


RC Colas and Moon Pies

There are other memories of my childhood on Uncle Ober's and Aunt Mary's farm. I mentioned the highlight of everyday was going to get the cows for the evening milking with Bobbie Jean. There was also a weekly event that I looked forward to. Every Wednesday, we all went to the store to get the few household items that they needed. This was more of a social event than a shopping event though.

So every Wednesday evening, after the evening milking and dinner, we piled into Uncle Ober's car and went to the store. It was great. Other than church, it was one of the few chances to socialize with the neighbors. The men played checkers and horseshoes, the women gossiped and kids played caroms. There was never any alcohol, only soft drinks and yes, moon pies. I returned one summer after we had moved to Texas. Of course, I wanted to spend some time at Uncle Ober's and Aunt Mary's farm. They still went to the store on Wednesday night. But It had changed. Uncle Ober went to a different store because they had electricy and thus a TV. I couldn't believe it. No checkers or horseshoes, no caroms and no gossiping. Everyone was sitting around the TV watching wrestling. The saddest part of this change was there was little socializing anymore, just exchanging pleasantries when the arrived, find a seat and watch a wrestling match.

tv is evil. Although, sometimes it gives you something to chat about...
RC used to be my favorite cola when I was a kid. I used to collect bottles back when they were glass and you could get a "deposit" back at the convenience store. After claiming my few dollars in bottle deposits, I'd have an RC and maybe buy some baseball cards with that crappy gum.
Joey, I remember you being escorted home by the cops for picking up bottles at constructions sites.

Do you remember that?
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