Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Joelle at Disney World

On our trip to Disney World, we had lunch at some restaurant...don't remember which one....that featured Winnie the Pooh characters as the main attraction. Every so often, the characters, eeyore, piglet and tigger would have a parade around the room and the children were supposed to join in. The first time, Joelle was a little reluctant but did join the parade. She was having a little trouble keeping up but managed by grabbing and holding on to eeyore's tail.

The characters then went around the room stopping at tables and signing autograph books. Piglet stopped by our table and Joelle LOVED piglet. She gave him the biggest hug and later informed us that "He was soft". Before we left, another parade started. Joelle was late getting into the parade and was trailing the group by quite a bit as they went around the corner and temporily out of sight. When the group came back into view, Joelle had not only caught up, she was in front holding piglet's hand with the biggest smile you have ever seen. The parade was then going from our section of the restaurant to another section and the children were supposed to stay in their section. Joelle was not about to let go of piglet. She went skipping along, holding piglets hand into the other section. A parade worker was trying to get Joelle to let go of piglet and stay in our section, but Joelle was having none of it. She keeping holding on to piglet with one hand and swatting off the guy trying to make her let go with the other hand. Chris then went into the other section to retrieve Joelle after the parade was over.

That's a good one - I was so surprised by how much she liked piglet. In the books, she doesn't act like she adores him over the others.
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