Sunday, May 21, 2006


I'll sleep better now! This must be an election year!

I feel reassured now about our current congress. They are finally addressing one of the most pressing issue our country is facing. We may finally get a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

I have been soooooooo worried about that. I do not feel secure about my 39 year marriage without that constitutional amendment. Can you image the chaos the might result without it. Anarchy could take over unless congress acts quickly. Pat Roberts can now continue to stonewall the senate investigation into the lies and half truths that convinced congress and the American public that we must invade Iraq before they attack us and to "bring justice to them" for their part in 911. We could not wait for "the smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud". Speaking of Condy, she was on one of the Sunday morning talk shows and failed to mention that. Instead, she said that we invaded Iraq to bring democracy and freedom to the region. Guess I must have missed that in 2002 and early 2003. On a much more serious note, Bozo and the first lady said that Iraq had now turned the corner and that millions now have a path to live in freedom. I hope they don't remember that Bozo said that the reason we were attacked on 911 was because "they hated our freedom". Gotta give him credit though, he said it with a straight face.

I just don't get it. If people are so upset about gay people having sex, you'd think they'd be happy to let them get married! Ca-ching. Thank you folks, I'll be here all week.
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