Saturday, May 20, 2006



I like to relate to Joelle stories about her mother's childhood. Joelle was going through a particular time of habitual nose picking, so I told her about the time that Petie quit picking her nose.

We had a carpool of four children to go to gymnastics once a week. In 1980 seat belts were not required let alone child safety seats, so you see, we could carpool easily. As we made our stop for the last child on the route, out he comes with his mother right behind; this was typical, except as she got closer to the car it was a pretty scary sight. The children, who were standing on the floorboard sat straight back on the seat, eyes glued to the woman. I have to say she looked liked something out of a horror movie. She had an operation for a deviated septum. Her face was swollen, eyes black, and even bloody cotton still coming out of her nose. I can't imagine why she came out unless it was for sympathy.

The boy hopped in and we left. There was dead silence in a usually noisy car. After about five minutes, Petie said, "I tell you what, I'm not going to pick my nose again." ss

See, back to your comment about not remembering stuff before the age of 4... I don't remember this at all! You'd think that would've stuck with me, huh?
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