Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Frank and Fred

Thought I had better document a classical Erwin story before it is forgotten. My Dad's family lived in Erwin, Tennessee. My Dad's parents had 4 boys and 4 girls, the youngest were twins, Frank and Fred. From the stories I have heard, Frank and Fred were, let's just say, spirited. They were never in serious trouble for anything that was criminal, but when there was mischief in Erwin, Frank and Fred were the usual suspects.

There was an atomic energy research center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, near Erwin. The time frame for this story is either just before WW II or right after we entered the war. The next door neighbor to my Grandparents had applied for a job at Oak Ridge, and the FBI did a routine check on anyone that was going to work there. That included asking the neighbors what was, I am sure, very basic questions.

Two FBI agents knocked on my Grandparent's door to inquire about their neighbor. My grandfather was, of course, working so my Grandmother answered the door. You have to picture my Grandmother. She was probably all of 90 pounds, wore glasses, always had her hair in a bun and always had an apron on. Anyway, when she answered the door, the two men identified themselves as FBI agents. My grandmother almost fainted as she gasped, "what have the twins done now?".

That story cracks me up.
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