Saturday, May 20, 2006


Across the fields and thru the woods.

My Uncle Frank had many stories about his younger years growing up in Erwin. He had a very good friend he called Popeye. I asked him how he got the nickname, Frank said it was because he liked to fight. Any way, one night Frank, Fred, Popeye and some other friends had been out partying. Probably had been to Limestone Cove because that was the nearest place we you could legally buy alcohol. Frank and Fred were in one car and Popeye was driving another car with other friends

This had to be in the early 40's or right after the war. Erwin is located in the mountainous part of Tennessee so the roads then were very curvy. Franks was in the lead going back home to Erwin when he lost his breaks. He went off the road and through a fence. Luckily it was a pasture and not off the side of the road into a creek or off a cliff. He was able to steer his car up a hill and finally came to a stop. He said he got out of the car a little bit shaken and up drove Popeye right behind him. Popeye stuck his head out the window and with a puzzled look on his face asked, "where are we going?".

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