Monday, August 28, 2006


I may be slow, but I don't get much done!

was trying to clean up the backyard today because it may be a while until I am able to do much. I filled two 42 gallon contractor trash bag with debris. While I was doing the backyard cleaning, Joelle came over. I stayed outside to putt some wax on my truck so all the dents would be shinny. Sharon came out and asked if I would go get Joelle a happy meal. I said OK but I needed to sit down about five minutes. My cloths were wringing wet because of high humidity and I am very over weight, Sharon said that would be OK because Joelle wouldn't notice.

When I got back with the Happy meal, I walked into the house and Joelle showed me the cute bookmark she made me, Then, without hesitation she asked, "What took you so long Poppy?" Apparently Nana was wrong. Joelle has a built in clock about how long certain task should take.

delayed gratification is a learned trait.
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